Technology Inspires Social Change 21st Century

Technology Inspires Social Change 21st Century

The presence of technology in the millennial individual’s life stays impressive. With the debut of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, to list a few, there is an infinite number of platforms for international interaction. From multinational marketing efforts to communal events, social networking has established a standard through which information travels across the World Wide Web.

Safe to say these podiums are subject to life-altering events within the course of the last couple of decades. Authorities and NGO’s alike have driven campaigns and ideas over societal networking to generate awareness and revoke public responses. The way successful social media has obtained the generic populaces by storm is really revolutionary. Technology has equipped the unheard majority with a chance to voice their concerns about problems that influence health, lifestyle, and the environment.

We all have either heard of or participate in viral social networking campaigns which have reverberated as driving forces to developing a better world. Social networking is out to target optimistic reform in the origins of society by making evocative responses from the general public. Now, we’re more effective at cumulative change than twenty-five decades back. When it’s to create a brand image or increase funds for a social cause, societal networking has done everything. These attempts have impacted billions globally.

The dawn of the 21st century couldn’t be more optimistic for people who are out to make a difference on the planet. Here would be the success stories of cases where technology motivated social change visit Anna’s Housekeeping. This is the way that societal causes proceeded viral on the pop press to inspire successful effect, changing lives by creating a singularity in understanding amid diversity.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Lou Gehrig’s disease, known as ALS is a condition that affects nerve tissues, the mind and causes extreme consequences to people affected. Back in August 2014, the ALS ice bucket struggle went viral on interpersonal websites to promote awareness for ALS research, a disorder without any cure. The challenges demanded people picture and post a movie of dumping cold water over their heads and allow other people to take up the struggle inside a 24-hour framework.

Together with celebrities and officials getting involved in the struggle, it was just a matter of time before closure to 20 million videos moved viral on social networking, leading to the origin. Bill Gates and Geroge W. Bush were one of the people who took the ALS ice bucket challenge to social websites. The answer to the effort climbed over $115 million to ALS research, demonstrating the empathy that humankind can pursue to assist people seriously affected. Besides generating awareness of ALS, social networking functioned as the footstool to helping research whilst developing a feeling of unity.

#WaterIsLife introduced the #FirstWorldProblems Campaign for clean water:

Water is Life, a nonprofit organization that intends to bring clean water into lower developed and developing countries. Initiated in 2007, now they’ve helped bring clean water to those who reside in distant villages throughout the world. By stressing the differing approaches individuals have towards getting clean water, together with the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag, Water is Life was able to catch the hearts of millions.

Social networking played a very important part in executing their incentive during the worldwide system, eventually generating awareness about fresh water and sparking action towards enhancing the water crisis that the world faces. Together with the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag, when individuals voiced concerns over small inconveniences, it had been retorted with life-threatening truths that many in different areas of the world confront. By increasing millions of dollars, Water is Life is the best illustration of the prominence of technology in regards to positive change.

Mannequin Challenge:

In the summit of 2016, the internet went bonkers on the Mannequin challenge movies that moved viral. The articles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram featured an internet video fad where individuals appeared motionless typically with”Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. The battle obtained global acclamation as prominent sports celebrities and persons participate by making movies to decide on the favorite #MannequinChallenge. Most recently, within the feature movie” Black in Blue,” sequences of these motionless videos were listed, shedding light onto the black Lives Issue’ effort targeting racial bias. This powerful campaign definitely remains among the most creative viral societal networking challenges to date.

#LoveWins Campaign:

A lot of individuals confront challenges with sexual orientation and generally in regards to love. LGBT rights are debated issues for centuries, frequently resulting in unfavorable outcomes. The Love Wins effort that went viral online was a showcase of approval, observing legislation passed on to admit LGBT rights in many nations. As continuing protests pave the way to equal rights in a few of the other nations, this effort is really a stepping stone stressing love and freedom. By adopting free thought, #LoveWins is a reflection of their liberty of choice. With many appealing tweaks and filters on social networking, the effort picked up the speed of observing the victory of love.

#MeToo Campaign:

The words”me too” are fresh in our memory because we entered 2018. As a quiet breaker against sexual harassment, the #MeToo effort has taken social networking. Stars have joined into the societal cause to market awareness and have a stand against sexual harassment and bias globally. With huge numbers of people rising to the event and expressing their tales regarding the harm of sex inequality, the effort put fire into the press world. Conveying the size of sexual bias, the societal cause is trending on each social networking website. Starting as a hashtag, the effort has developed to a supporting shout against sexual harassment exposing criminals and instilling newfound assurance for sufferers.

Public figures globally have recognized the noble goals of the controversial campaign, expressing concerns. Most recently, together with Oprah Winfrey’s speech in the 75th Golden Globe Awards, she shook the entire world with words that are tough against sexual bias, equivalent pay, honoring the potency of a female. The effort has functioned as a state for countless helped alter hardened ideologies in businesses which turn a blind eye towards sexual bias.