As soon as you get the hang of it, gardening is a fairly intuitive procedure. That does not mean we can not garden smarter. Exactly like devices like smartphones, smart gardening takes advantage of this technology around us. Tech is not just for video games and telephone programs. Gardening with technology can save time, energy, and money.

Check out these intelligent garden methods and take home some creative ideas that could assist you from the landscape.

What is Smart Gardening?
Smart technology is all the rage, but did you know that it translates to useful aid in the garden? Whether you’re a lazy or just uninformed gardener, gardening with technology can help with chores and tasks common in the landscape.

From irrigation methods into self-control lawn mowers, technology has its finger on the gardener’s pulse. A lot of us are knowledgeable about smart plant yards, which track the health and moisture levels of houseplants, but the concept does not stop there.

Use our smart gardening manual for hints on technological products that are engineered to make healthier, low maintenance solutions for your lawn.

Smart Gardening Guide
A growing number of goods are being developed to help lower our carbon footprint, simplify chores, and help us be wiser consumers. Such technology can improve plant maintenance, help with landscape design, and notify us of the best plants for specific sites. In an imagined future, all of the drudgeries of gardening will be eliminated, leaving just the pleasurable aspects of keeping your dwelling.

Smart Plant Monitors
There are lots of plant monitors accessible to introduce technology to the beginning gardener. A number of them are simply inserted into the soil and may take measurements of moisture levels, monitor humidity and light, and even examine the soil. Many can also determine the nutrients in the soil.

Smart Gardens
Indoor gardens take the guesswork out of growing your own herbs or food. Most are self-contained systems that offer light, automatic watering, fertilizer, and customized heating levels. All you will need to do is plant or sow the seed and the device does the rest.

Smart Sprinklers
Smart sprinklers do more than simply schedule irrigation. They can ascertain breaks and flows in the system, save water, adjust to accommodate weather, and frequently can be monitored and altered via your telephone or computer.

Expandable Pots
A really wonderful new concept is the expandable pot. The containers are believed to expand as the plant develops so you do not have to keep purchasing pots up a size.

Gardening Apps
Garden programs can assist with design, plant ID, positioning of irrigation, solve problem areas, and much more. Many, such as the GKH Gardening Companion (for Android and iPhone), can be found free or you may buy easy-to-use guides in an assortment of formats.

Smart Mowers
Mowbot is an automatic lawnmower. It functions similarly to robotic vacuums only in a mower. No more sweating in the hot sun trying to get the lawn cut.

Robotic weeders
A product under development is Tertill, a solar-powered weeding robot. The point is that you simply set the product out in a sunny location of the backyard and it will weed for you. No more back-breaking stooping or use of substances.

How to Make a Smart Garden
A few of the goods are a little on the expensive side, so pick your battles in your budget first. If you already have an irrigation system, that could be the first method to bring technology into the house.

Even apartment and condominium dwellers can use the indoor climbing systems, smart grow lights, and self-watering containers.

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