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Party Help and Cleanup

Housekeeping and Maid Services: Party Help and Cleanup by Anna's Housekeeping

Enjoy time with your guests and let Anna’s Housekeeping take care of the work! We’ll help you prepare, set-up, and clean before the event, we’ll serve food and collect dishes during, and we’ll take care of all the cleanup! At only $24/h (3 hours minimum*, HST included, Toronto and throughout the GTA) hosting events has never been so easy.


Cleaning before the party and other preparations

You’ve sent out the invitations and gathered all your party supplies, now you just need to setup and clean before party guests arrive — let Anna’s Housekeeping help!

Our professional cleaners can clean your home, office or any party space before the event. We’ll clean the floors, scrub the bathrooms, disinfect the kitchen, and make your party space impressively spotless! Anna’s Housekeeping does more than cleaning. Housekeepers can help you set-up, set the tables, position the chairs, lay out the food, set out the drinks — any help needed for preparing a party! Having guests over is stressful enough! For any party or gathering in Toronto, party help from Anna’s Housekeeping can help you make a great impression on your guests.

Preparation for a party or other event:

  • Cleaning
  • Dishes
  • Floors (sweep/vacuum/mop)
  • Bathrooms
  • Help with decorations
  • Arranging tables and chairs
  • Setting tables (place settings)
  • Food preparation (contact us for details)


Party help during your event

What good is having a party if you can’t enjoy it?

Have one or more housekeepers on hand to take care of the dirty work so you can mingle with your guests stress free. Our professional cleaning staff can help you bring out food and drinks, collect and wash dishes, and deal with any messes or spills as they happen. Our housekeepers can be there to support you throughout the party! Whether you need our cleaning staff for an office party, family gathering, birthday, baby or bridal shower, or any other small event, party help from Anna’s Housekeeping can help make it a success!

Help during a party or other event:

  • Serving food and drinks (ask about alcoholic drinks and other details)
  • Collecting dishes
  • Ongoing tidying and garbage collection
  • On-the-spot spill cleanup


Cleaning after the party

Nobody likes to deal with the mess after a great party — let Anna’s Housekeeping do it for you!

Our professional cleaning staff can take all the misery out of the after party cleanup. Housekeepers can gather and bag the garbage, wipe down the tables, clean the floors, wash the dishes, disinfect the kitchen and bathroom, take down decorations, move tables and chairs, collect and wrap up the leftovers — anything you need to clean up the party mess and get your space back to clean and spotless!

Cleanup after a party or other event:

  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Collect garbage
  • Take down decorations, tables, and chairs
  • Dishes
  • Assisting with laundry (table linens etc.)


Discounts for Party Help and Cleanup

10% off first cleaning

$24/hr (Includes HST) 3-hour Minimum*

7 days a week, any time

New customers only

Not valid with any other offers

All premises are different and services provided may differ according to the agreement.
* There is a 3 hour minimum per cleaning. The size, condition of the premises and the services requested may affect the time required to complete a cleaning.
** Regular maids are available with weekly and bi-weekly services. Monthly, every three week and occasional clients can request the same maid if maid is available.