Tips for Maintaining Your Elderly Dog’s Mobility and Hygiene

Tips for Maintaining Your Elderly Dog’s Mobility and Hygiene

Aging is a natural process, and all dogs eventually reach old age. Different breeds and sizes of dogs reach maturity at different ages. If your dog is 7-8 years old, he is considered a senior dog, equivalent to a human aged 45-50. As time passes, the severity of these signs of aging increases, and nighttime wandering, disorientation, difficulty with stairs, and indoor accidents commence. You can provide your senior dog with the care and comfort they require in their final days with some effort.

How to help your elderly dog get around?

Here are some ideas to assist your senior dog’s mobility.

Take short walks.

Do not cease walking your dog and giving them regular wellness exams because he or she is old and lazy. Walks offer dogs physical activity, cerebral stimulation, and a sense of community. Be cautious not to overdo it. In warm weather, stop them when they begin to slow down, and in cold weather, dress them inappropriately for outdoor conditions, such as with a sweater or coat. Rethink your conception of a stroll. Occasionally, a stroll down the driveway may constitute an enjoyable excursion.

Make your traction pads.

Adhere a piece of outdoor carpet to slippery steps and use interior non slip rugs to boost traction. If you have an unused yoga mat in your closet, you may use it as an indoor or outdoor traction assist; it’s easy to cut if you don’t need the full length or width.

Rearrange the furniture in the house to improve mobility.

As much as possible, alter your furniture to allow your dog to move around your home. Even a magazine or slipper can lead a dog with arthritis to stumble and fall. Eliminate areas where they may become trapped to avoid the saddest pet surgery Sacramento has to offer. 

Purchase a ramp or steps.

Ramps and stairs are designed for dogs accessible online and in pet stores. Keep in mind that many senior dogs are averse to change and may be frightened by ramps and steps. Never require their utilization.

Use towels to your advantage.

By wrapping your small dog in them, you can use them to bring him outside. If your large dog has mobility issues, you can also use a large towel as a sling. There are slings for dogs available online and in pet stores.

How to keep your senior dog clean?

Here is some advice for keeping your senior dog clean.

Rinse and repeat.

We kept a plastic water container in the backyard during the later summer of our dog’s life. If he became soiled, he could always use the sun-warmed water to clean himself. Nonetheless, remember that your senior dog is susceptible to temperature fluctuations if they become wet or dry, and warm them immediately.

Utilize rags.

Always have rags on hand, and check for pet-specific drying towels at your local pet store. Your senior dog cannot shake off the water as effectively as he previously could. Therefore these thirsty towels are of great assistance.

If necessary, diaper up.

Contrary to common thought, there are dog diapers that you may want to try. Your senior dog can also benefit from goods meant for housebreaking puppies. For example, pee pads provide a comfortable bed for individuals who have accidents while sleeping. Washable waterproof pads (usually found at medical supply stores and children’s bedding suppliers) are also suitable for this purpose; simply purchase many pads to ensure that you always have a clean one. Deodorizers will help maintain a habitable house.


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Care for senior pets can be emotionally draining, but it can also be a blessing. It is an opportunity to reach a consensus on challenging final decisions and discuss your feelings regarding the imminent loss. Even more important, you will get one more opportunity to express your devotion to the greatest dog in the world.