Canva is a user-friendly design tool that makes it possible for businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other individual professionals to make eye-catching pictures without graphic design expertise.

The online design solution offers users a wide variety of features, such as drag-and-drop design creation, quality photographs and illustrations, designs, and fonts. With this tool, users can take their ideas and turn them into a design that can then be downloaded, printed, or shared on social networking.

Canva has a lot of features users may use to great their images and designs. There are hundreds and hundreds of templates to select from, with options to use pre-made layouts, to personalize those designs, or to design your graphic with the specified dimensions.

Ease of Use
Canva makes it incredibly easy to make designs with no design experience or know-how.

When users log in, they are taken to the first dash, allowing them to select the option for producing graphics with their particular measurements or to click on a few of the many templates available.

After choosing a template, users are taken into the above dashboard. They could scroll through the list of designs, or may create their own from scratch. There are a lot of free templates available, but more high-quality templates require users to pay. These are only $1, so the price isn’t just all that expensive.

Users can add components (images, illustrations, doodles, photos, etc.), text (such as pre-made text designs ), different backgrounds, or their own photographs and graphics. This is a high degree of customization and flexibility, and each of these actions can be carried out through simple drag-and-drop purposes.

Canva is quite simple to use, so it requires hardly any time at all to produce stunning images, infographics, or designs.

Customer Support
Canva has a complete support webpage, complete with a search bar, posts, and tabs which make it easy for users to quickly find answers for their problems.

There are a few contact forms available for large problems, such as billing issues, but it’s more difficult to find email contacts or phone numbers for the service staff.

While users can find a good deal of things done, and make excellent designs, with a free account, the paid accounts do provide a lot more choices than many professionals would find necessary.

If you decide to go for the Canva for Work program, it is going to cost $12.95 a month for every user.

The Canva Enterprise does not have a listed price but does allow teams with over 30 members. This would be the ideal alternative for businesses or organizations with big marketing teams.

The Verdict
Canva is a remarkably easy to use, dependable online design tool which has a large number of loyal users and glowing reviews.

The drag-and-drop performance makes designing eye-catching designs easy and fast, even for the ones that aren’t tech-savvy or even especially artistically inclined. There are hundreds and hundreds of templates and designs available, and even the free choices have high-quality images and contemporary looks that would work really nicely for all industries.

The pricing plans are cheap and honest, especially considering everything that comes together. However, users can still get what they want from it without paying a penny. People who just use it now and can always choose to buy the $1 photographs, designs, or templates without needing to commit to a continuing payment program.

The absence of contact numbers is a huge drawback, and lots of users have trouble with billing. This is a clear issue that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering whether this is the ideal tool for you. While there are loads of helpful articles, tutorials, and tools available, many users would find the lack of contact email addresses or phone numbers to be an issue.

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